The Baz Office

Like a fabulously fashionable pop-up restaurant in the heart of Soho that appears and disappears in a flash, visited only by achingly hip exclusive diners in the know that makes you feel utterly out of touch when it completely passed you by – The Baz office is equally as underground and even more fun…

Whether held in a rush post day-job on the 5th floor café in the Royal Festival Hall with laptops and bottles of water, at Emma’s flat with exploding veggie curries and piles of envelopes to stuff, or chez Catherine, which more often than not involves a copious amount of wine, Baz meetings have become an important part of what we do. Whether we keep on track with over ambitious agendas, minutes and deadlines, or whizz off on the most elaborate of tangents and fantasy plans, Baz meetings are where we’ve dreamt up our best, and our most stupid, ideas. On reflection, our most stupid ones seem to have been in direct correlation to the amount of wine consumed. Either way, they’ve left us galvanised, full of possibility and with a solution to every obstacle in our way.

From little germs of ideas to big bold statements, the meetings have nurtured and developed our plans and become almost as creative as the workshops. Constantly alive, Baz meetings are where we work hard to achieve our goals, support each other, back each other up and encourage each other (and therefore Baz) to be better and to dream bigger. The party in January was the biggest of these dreams to date, and we achieved far more than we ever had hoped for, raising over £2700 in cash on the night, a testament to our planning. And not afraid to go one step further, within a week of it being over, we were back in our powwow dreaming up the next thing – our showing in April.

Of course, this has all been achieved with the help of others, the actors who constantly inspire us and the lovely people who come along to our meetings to help, and thank god for them all. From observers blown away at our dedication and organisation, to those who’ve silenced the stupid giddy ideas with single raised eyebrows that see us dissolve into giggles, and others we’ve pounced on to pick their brains and suck dry all their knowledge, they’ve kept us on track and make us even more determined.

One day Baz dreams of having its own office; a dedicated space that doesn’t double as a kitchen or a living room. It will have 4 walls to scribble over and tons of space and filing cupboards, we’ll be there 8 hours a day and maybe there’ll be a good looking sandwich guy to deliver lunch (if we’re lucky), there’ll be desks for all, a stationary cupboard with an endless supply of envelopes, paperclips and working pens, and a magical agenda we actually get through, but frankly, I reckon it can wait…. Whether it pops up early Saturday mornings with a croissant, or involves weekday 2am finishes coupled with paper-cuts and wine, Baz has everything it needs for now. Ideas. Ambition. Drive. Promise. No need for a permanent sign above the door, we’re the ultimate pop-up.

And yet it’s even better than that… It’s the best office I’ve ever worked in and beats any try-hard-clipboard-carrying-clone-copying-Soho-hangout. Each meeting of the Baz office is unique, and each one takes us one step closer to our goals.

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