Preparing for Macbeth…

On Wednesday and Thursday evening, we are opening our doors to invite people to see what we’ve been hiding away and cooking up in our workshops.

When people arrive at the crypt, they’ll come with little or no knowledge of what to expect, other than perhaps a story they recognise. We hope to knock their socks off with some

Invite to A Night at The Crypt with Baz

Invite to A Night at The Crypt with Baz

thing fresh, beautiful and thought provoking.

From my experience, talking about Baz is hardwork, and more often than not my ramblings are met with confused faces of people wishing they never asked. ‘Welllllllll…… it’s kind of Sporting analogies-and-process-and-play-and-experiment-and-classic text-and-focused eyes-and-chanting-and-games-and-women-and-Macbeth-and-and-and….’ Nothing quite seems to add up. We’ve done enough talking, and now it’s time to turn those confused looks into wide-eyed understanding, as nothing says more about what Baz does, than Baz in action.

But these 2 evenings didn’t just magically appear… by Thursday evening we will have done only 2 nights, shared a glass of wine with over 120 people and finally unveiled the work in progress in an attempt to raise some money and some new fans. And yet it’ll be a culmination of 4 months’ work.

Picking the players – our showing six; cutting the text to find the scenes we want to share with the audience; negotiating with the venue over dates and times, glass hire and much needed heaters; designing and building the beautiful lights in a space with no rig and no way to attach things to the wall – no mean feat; designing an invite; sending it to our friends and further afar; drawing up budgets and lists of items we need; sourcing carpets from friends and junk from recycle bins; allocating props; printing up pictures; counting up cans of beer; writing speeches; sourcing props; having meetings; drawing up timetables; replying to rsvps; measuring up the crypt; dreaming up ideas and eating more baked beans and tinned tomatoes than ever before… believe me, it’ll become clear.

On Tuesday we will meet at the crypt armed with everything we need to occupy for 3 days, from cushions to bags of Apples and wooden clothes pegs, and intensive rehearsals begin alongside setting lights and hanging projectors. 4 months, 2 days of intensive rehearsals, and its over in 2 nights. It hardly seems worth it…. But it is, and we love every minute of it, because it’s the beginning of us. It’s what we’ve desperately been trying to explain for over a year, and suddenly it’ll make sense.

Intrigued? We hope so. Do let us know if you’d like to join us, we’d love to show you….

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