Getting in the way …

Last week we said ‘hello’ and ‘welcome back’ to puppets. Or rather we said ‘hello’ and ‘welcome back’ to the indomitable Poppy Burton Morgan, and she helped us to conjure life out of an assortment of objects.

Red tops greedily gulped diet coke.

Necklaces had a good look around.

Egg slicers (for slicing boiled eggs, not raw, it was explained) flew.

Woolly hats mumbled and sighed their way through the text (‘He’d never do it’, it was observed, ‘he’d botch it – drop the knife or something.’ And on cue the hat seemingly tripped.)

Purple-rubber-yoga-stretching-thing became a numerous set of lips on the wall which purred observations.

Umbrellas flew (‘everyone uses umbrellas’, Poppy pointed out, ‘it’s a bit passé.’ I immediately distanced myself from the umbrella – my umbrella.)

Hair clip, plastic bag and book combined to make a raven (which nibbled at food in the heater, until it got its beak stuck and died a horrible death).

Filing divider languidly pronounced the text (having read it from the play lying next to it).

Lady Macbeth conjured spirits which made the walls vibrate and stroked her face – or sat on her shoulder, a compact whispering creature.

There were inter-object romantic and not so romantic affairs (‘yes yes yes’ nodded the hairclip, ‘no no no’ shook the hat).

A flying plastic bag and six attached assorted objects (when in doubt, grab more stuff … not a bullet-proof theory, as it turns out) swallowed a necklace from round the neck of an unsuspecting watcher.

And the rabbit from ‘Donnie Darko’ dressed by Cath Kidson bounced its way onto the tube.

And thus Poppy introduced us to the seven principles of puppetry. And reminded us not to get in the way of the puppet.

We packed away the objects now teeming with potential, and scurried home.

Breath, personal space and tocks. It’s all running through my head.

I won’t get in the way again, that’s for sure. I absolutely won’t.

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