A Circus Life

Sometimes I pick up some spare ignored fruit I bought in a misguided moment from my dusty fruit bowl and attempt to juggle. Each time I’m utterly shocked I can’t do it. I feel like I spend my whole life juggling metaphorically and I’m pretty sure I share that thought with you and countless hundreds of people who must juggle on a daily basis (minus the stripy trousers and red nose), surely gaining a party trick out of it is only fair compensation? Juggling a work/life balance, juggling children and relationships, juggling work priorities, we all have something to juggle.

Baz has its fair share of juggling and jugglers; from poetry competitions to education workshops, selling advertising space to arranging parties, negotiating venues to writing letters – not to mention having to pay the bills with other jobs, different projects and commitments that distract you from the juggle. Sometimes all this juggling detracts from why we started in the first place and what we are so determined to achieve. Once in a while as we get carried away keeping track of the million and one balls we have going round in the air we need to stop. Carefully get off the unicycle, put some of the balls gently down back in the fruit bowl and take a moment to pick up and admire the biggest ball of them all – the reason we started – our passion for making theatre. Sometimes this ball needs juggling all on its own, with our full focus and two steady hands to really appreciate it. And then, only then, we can start introducing the smaller balls once again, one by one.

Once they’re all back in rhythm we stop caring whether we can juggle some dried up granny smiths or not. We’re already all juggling even bigger things – and that’s a far more impressive trick.

Stripy trousers never suited me anyway.

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