Justifying Macbeth

Justifying Macbeth

It seems to be the show de jour at the moment, or Show-de-blimming-year. We never anticipated this when we chose Macbeth all those many moons ago, and in some respect it’s great to know we’re all on the same page and we recognise the importance of the play. But really?! ANOTHER Macbeth?!  As someone helpfully told us back in February, ‘I’d rather play football with my own head than watch another Macbeth.’ Brilliant. That’s what we’re up against. We need to prove we’ve made the right choice.

At the beginning of the year we spent a long time exploring why we chose that play which I won’t bore you with now. We considered why it works with Baz’s way of playing, how we can play it like its brand new, why it means so much to us and how we use it to really illustrate and develop our process. And we’ve been justifying our choice ever since, most recently to the Arts Council. Part of me wants to get stroppy, stamp my feet, pout my lips and retort ‘Why not.’

This Summer we’ve seen the fall from grace of one of the oldest Newspapers, witnessed the uncovering of conspiracy and corruption at the top that has permeated through the corridors of power, and seen the violent uprising of a disillusioned society that believes in nothing but the right to take what they feel they’re owed.

If you ask me, Macbeth has never seemed more relevant.

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