Day One

Macbeth rehearsal

Day One

26th September 2011

So our full time rehearsals started today after what feels like an endless wait, and all cast were assembled present and correct for a prompt 10am start. I’ll gloss over the fact that I was late – but I came bearing sandwiches so I think I was forgiven. We’ve been lucky enough to have a little preamble with a day spent filming some scenes on Saturday in the Barbican and a rather drunken Saturday evening, not to mention the weekly workshops, so our team know each other and the brief and are ready to hit the ground running. Literally. With oven gloves fashioned into kneepads.

As I sneaked out having collected contracts and delivered food, with Catherine laden down with bit of costume to return and exchange I was already desperate for Sarah to call to let us know how it all went.

Most importantly I’m desperate to know if anyone else has ever heard of tight-tops. Yup, that’s a top, made out of a pair of tights. Perhaps it’s just a stage-school thing… I mean, who else would consider cutting the crotch out of a pair of tights and then wearing it as a top with the waist band upside down around their middle? My ignorance of such practices left me rather red-faced. Not helped when I provided Catherine with a load of leggings and tights cut completely wrong and now rendered useless.

We’ve started… the next step for Baz has begun and I can’t wait to see the results.

Emma Luffingham – Producer

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