Day Four

Day Four

Macbeth rehearsal

30th September 2011

 “Sofa, so good”

Today we discovered that sofas make you slow. Er. Slower.

I like to work right in the middle of the room, with people sitting on the floor if they have to sit. I had this theory that if you are a little uncomfortable you are also a little more ready to leap into action. One of the actors pointed out “No it’s great, I’m much more focussed when all I can think about is the shooting pain in my hips”.

I relented – we took to the sofas, and dragged them round in a circle to work from for the morning. Sure enough, however, by lunchtime we were massively behind schedule – the first time this week. Too comfortable, too soft, too tempting to lean right back and curl up among the pillows. The work was still getting done, just at a more relaxed pace.

However we’ve only got three weeks for these rehearsals – so from now on it will have to be the floor for us …

(Oh alright alright – tell the actors to bring themselves a cushion!)

Sarah Bedi – Director

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