Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen

A Poetry Steal


During our Poet in Residence competition, BAZ was lucky enough to pick the brains of Give a Poem who answered all our niggling questions and helped spread the word of our competition. To pass on the love, We Eat Poets! have kindly agreed to offer our audience a delicious discount at one of their upcoming fine food & performance poetry nights….

The concept for We Eat Poets! first emerged in February 2011 in a conversation between Owen Davidson (Give a Poem) and Joe Cannon (Cannon & Cannon). Both companies had been pondering the creation of some kind of event which could showcase their expertise and reflect their enthusiasm for what they do, but in each case, an element was missing.

With a similar ethos to BAZ, it was quickly agreed they wanted to create something quirky, fun, and intimate; where the guests would feel integral to the event and not merely a passive spectator. Performance poetry, music, and other bits and pieces would come from unexpected corners of the room and conversation would flow across tables and between strangers. At the heart of everything would be an emphasis on quality; food; poetry; performers; location. Brunswick House Café, based at the inimitable LASSCo (London Architectural Salvage and Supply Company) in Vauxhall, seemed like the perfect place.

The first edition of We Eat Poets! was held on 18th May to a sell-out audience with the third and fourth editions themed around Hallowe’en (26th October) and Christmas (14th December).

We Eat Poets! is thrilled to offer an exclusive special offer for anyone who has attended a BAZ performance.  Our audience can take advantage of tickets for each event for £35 (normal price £40) – which includes a 4-course meal, a welcome drink upon arrival, and a face full of entertainment and intrigue.

To take advantage of this offer, please email with the subject line ‘we love baz’.


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