Day Sixteen

Macbeth Rehearsals

Day Sixteen

Tuesday 11th October

Spatial awareness and Geometry.

The crypt, with all its different bays and corridors, is a beautiful space – but actually surprisingly tricky to play. How do you make sure that you find the light trickling out from the archway, don’t block half the audience, get to that exit in time and all the while can be heard – while staying focused on the other actor and letting yourself freely follow the moment.

Things we found:

  • When you want to shuffle forward, don’t.
  • When you want to pace around, don’t.
  • When you want to step forward, step back. But still play forward.

On top of this our designer is currently not best pleased with me for asking him to create wall to wall structure which hangs from the arched ceiling – into which nothing can be drilled, by the way, as it’s a Grade 1 listed building, thereby rendering the hanging of anything nigh on impossible. But he’s magicked up a solution, as he always does. Although he said I made him do very complicated Geometry.

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