Day Seventeen

Macbeth Rehearsals

Day Seventeen

Wednesday 12th October


Murdering Banquo

Over the rehearsal we have played around with the language of violence in the show. What is it – literal or abstract? Chaotic or choreographed? We found that sometimes the ugliness of violence is also beautiful, or frightening, or humiliating, or purely, simply, ugly.

And today we came to murdering Banquo. This little scene could so easily be a play in itself. Murderers doing their job – but how good at their job are they? How much do they want to be there? How well do they know each other? How long have they been waiting? In comes man and son – where are they coming from and where are they going? Then the murder. How long does it take to die – and added to that how do you actually kill someone? How does Fleance escape, and where does he go? What do the Murderers do about his disappearance?

And of course we’re in a Crypt. With an actual dead body. So death is very close. And we found that, of course, the imagination is stronger than anything we could create.

Is there space to hide a small boy in the audience?

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