Day 23 – The Audience

The Audience.

You can practice, drill and rehearse the thing you are planning to show to other people for EVER but nothing is comparable to the terror/excitement/bulk of a load of people turning up to see the thing you’ve been telling them to turn up and see.

So on arriving at the crypt last night at 7.15 and negotiating the dark steps, bushes and uneven paving stones that descend from current day High Holborn to 17th Century crypt, I was distracted from the creepy ‘Halloweeniness’ of it all by the sound of one very distinct noise: a hubbub.

A fricking hubbub was happening in the crypt, by the door, by the bar, by the mini art gallery… EVERYWHERE. peoplehadarrivedohmygod. There wasn’t a ticket to spare; we were at capacity…

A group of people were here to see our stuff.

A group of people can effect change very, er, effectively. For example when in a coordinated lump they can radically change:
-the acoustics in a concert hall
-the government
-the vibe in a 16th Century crypt in Holborn

The beautiful lump of people that chose to spend their evening with us in the crypt last night, for our FIRST EVER PREVIEW of Macbeth, can feel proud to know that they changed BAZ forever, because for the first time, we got our audience. They gasped, they laughed, they whispered, they shut the hell up. They were our beautiful audience, and we love every single one of them.

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