Day 29 – A review… ish

Feedback is a funny thing. Write it down and print it and its a review. Hear it spoken directly to you and you must consider the source – are they being nice to protect my feelings? What do they really think? Do they feel like they need to say something ‘clever’ when actually an abstract or off-the-wall observation would be equally useful?

Overhear a reaction by accident and you get something different again, like when one of our team’s acute hearing picked up possibly some of the loveliest comments we’ve had so far from a couple of audience members  the other night. A open mind, an honest reaction and the odd comparison to long-running sci-fi TV series is all BAZ needs to feel like it was worth it.


(About the witches with umbilical cords) “It’s just like Doctor Who!”
(Enthusiastically, on being asked to move to the next bay) “It’s like we’re in the Crystal Maze!”
(After the show) “I can’t believe there was only five of them. I kept expecting more to come out at the curtain call, I couldn’t understand where they were.”
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