As we reflect over Macbeth and pack up our wares, count the pennies, dismantle the lights, evaluate the show, dream up the next step and get some well-earned rest, our lovely Poet in Residence, Joan Stansbury, was analysing the results in a far more imaginative way.

Below is the first Poem in her series of 5 entitled Epilogue.  We’ll be releasing one twice a week in the run-up to Christmas – a snapshot of our time in the crypt and most importantly the people who stepped into our underground world for a few fleeting hours…….

[In October – November 2011 Baz Productions put on Macbeth in the crypt of St Andrew Holborn with a cast of just five multi-tasking actors.]



After a performance of the Baz Macbeth five members of the audience gather up their props and reflect on the evening’s experience.


(pats pocket to check that white cotton gloves are safe)

We clamber down a steep and tumbling stair 

to a curvilinear crypt with bellying tunnels

of seventeenth-century brickwork, picturing there

another London cellar with powder barrels

pregnant with death for James, Banquo’s heir.


 That treachery betrayed and bomb aborted

became the exploding gossip of the day.

Arguments from the trial, widely reported,

 informed the architecture of this play.

Equivocation: as wicked as a lie? 

Conscience: a true guide in everything?

Can good men justly use deceit, or spy?

Is it ever right to kill an anointed king?

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

must we repeat the crimes of yesterday?


by Joan Stansbury

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