What happens to you if you are told your future? What do you do with that knowledge? What happens if you are only a child when you find out?


BAZ Productions are delighted to announce PROPHESY, due for production in early 2013. Devised by the ensemble, this project will develop through improvisation. Taking characters from the classic Greek Myths in settings not unlike modern Britain, we will be exploring the notion of self-identity in children: the roles they take on, the expectations they have and the choices they make.

Set in two contrasting worlds of ‘Troy’ and ‘Sparta’, we will explore the moments in Paris and Helen’s childhood when they receive the prophesies that, when they grow up, bring about the complete destruction of their families and worlds.

BAZ will explore how that information affects them here and now and as a result how they relate to those around them. PROPHESY will continue to build on BAZ’s methods of working that were established in Macbeth and we cannot wait to show you the results…..

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