Sarah’s week….

So last week I escaped the Big Smoke and headed off into the country to work with a group of gap year students on Iphigenia at Aulis for six intense days.

What a week.

We’ve galloped our way through the text without pausing for breath. We’ve messed about with language, studied mythology, explored what it means to be ‘active’, played with movement and physical relationships, improvised music … the list goes on and on. We’ve ad-libed with saxophones, harmonicas, ‘penis buckets’ (don’t ask), ladders, music stands, whiteboards – raiding rooms for anything and everything we could get our hands on.

Of course it’s lovely for me to be playing with the same stories and characters that we are feeding into the Baz project Prophesy. But the biggest thrill of the week has been discovering that these students are the most healthily competitive bunch of people I have ever met. It’s a joy. Give them a game, an exercise, a scene, a line learning challenge, whatever. They listen quietly, nod sagely and then explode with energy and bravery, playing to win like I’ve never seen. And wow, they work fast.

Here’s to these students who are fast becoming an impressive set of theatre makers. The next generation is ready … steady ….

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