From Workshop to the page….

Baz took a few weeks off over Easter to give our actors a well-earned break after a term of exploratory workshops that helped shape our ideas for PROPHESY. As everyone took the opportunity to eat countless chocolate eggs and catch up with family over the long weekend, the Baz office attempted to digest everything we’d learnt from the workshops and structure our story.

We’re really hoping to continue the experimentation we began in Macbeth, but this (of course) is expressed very differently as we use devised text rather than that of the most famous wordsmith. Whereas before we attempted to define a new rehearsal technique, here we are actively steering away from a more standard approach to improvising. Instead of asking our actors to improvise a character in a scene, refine it and do it over again until we have a final product, with PROPHESY we will know the structure and the content of scenes which we’ll then break down and explore bit by bit – sometimes situations, sometimes characters, sometimes movement or more conceptual ideas – before taking it away and wrestling it back together into rough script structure which will be explored by the company as larger chunks. By the end, every scene will be a condensed patchwork of work from various different members of the company and sessions throughout the year.

This has meant documenting every workshop and the work that our actors made. Over Easter we spread this out over the floor and reminisced – the weekly workshop write-ups, the photos and scribbled notes, the video clips, flip chart family trees and the pages of lines and ideas that came out of the work we did. It seemed almost impossible to imagine wrestling it into a single structure that would engage and make sense.

So armed with this patchwork floor, we began to trim and focus, expand and develop….. all that was left was to agree on our method of storytelling and devour chocolate to make up for all those eggs we missed out on……

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