Time Flying Past…..

We are delighted with how our Pop-Up Production of PROPHESY has been received. We’re now in our 3rd week and time has flown by. Presenting a new piece is hard work, unable to hide behind a familiar and well loved story, but we are proud of what we’ve created in Shoreditch.  We close on March 2nd and thought we’d share with you some of our recent reviews, linked below. We were thrilled to receive a nomination for Best Ensemble at the Off West End Awards and highlighted as Editors Choice at One Stop Arts.

Thank you to those who have joined us already. If you’ve not had a chance, we’d be delighted to reserve tickets for you before the end of the run. Please do let us know if you’d like us to put some aside.

****  One Stop Arts

****   Views From The Gods

****   Everything Theatre

***     Exeunt Magazine

***      Whats on Stage 

When Theseus arrives in Sparta, Helen finds herself amused by his attention – a welcome distraction from the lonely world she inhabits with her younger sister Cly and cousin Penelope. As his interest grows, Helen must fight to regain control of her world before it is turned upside down by a warning from the Oracle.

Paris has returned to Troy after his banishment as a baby. Struggling to adapt and determined not to conform to the control he sees around him, Paris must learn the rules of this new world surrounded by a family he has nothing in common with. Angry and desperate to define himself, Paris’ unwanted prophecy proves self-fulfilling.

Set in the two contrasting worlds of ‘Troy’ and ‘Sparta’, PROPHESY explores the moment Paris and Helen receive the unexpected prophecies that will determine their future and bring about the complete destruction of their world. Can knowledge of our future prove self-fulfilling, and in a battle of fate and freewill, is it ever truly possible to change?

Radically re-imagining characters from the Greek Myths in settings not unlike modern Britain, PROPHESY investigates the notion of self-identity: the roles we take on, the expectations we have and the choices we make. Set in Troy and Sparta, 5 actors take on the 10 characters spread across 2 worlds not too dissimilar to ours as they explore the characters of Greek myth in the moments when their futures are revealed to them.

We look forward to seeing you soon and many thanks as always for your support.


The Baz Team  xxx 

These are the children, old before their time,

who eyeball prophecy and smirk at fame;

ahead are crowns and ships and bloody war,

but now they scratch in sticky-fingered game.


‘A truly engaging revision of classic characters by a great up-and-coming company.’ 

‘With very little exception, Prophesy is an excellently executed show, with a very charming venue to boot, and I look forward to seeing more work from everyone involved.’

‘What the group have devised is a thoughtful, reflective and frequently funny work that will delight seasoned theatregoers’

‘With equal measures of humour and despair, and the promise of a different performance every night, Prophesy is a captivating story, well worth a watch.’

‘I think it is safe to say that we can expect big things from the BAZ Productions trio. This wonderfully thought-out exploration into the realms of classical mythology is a piece which I thoroughly enjoyed and that I would sincerely recommend.’

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