About Baz

Baz Productions is run by Catherine Bailey, Sarah Bedi and Emma Luffingham.

We see the focus of a highly trained athlete single-mindedly using every inch of their training to reach their goal. We see the fans of all ages that passionately support, defend and adore their teams. We understand that years of work and investment have gone into that one chance at going for gold. Yet in the theatre it is assumed that a couple of weeks rehearsal with an often unpaid company will satisfy an audience who hopefully won’t expect too much.

We want to put a well trained team into a space and watch them stay in the moment to play the ‘game’ out to the finish. To empower the audience to actively engage in the event. We train our actors to stay present and open; to be the bravest part of themselves, to fully use their voices, their bodies, and to trust their impulses. Baz wants its audience to be part of a unique event, exploding with the energy and passion of a championship final.

Baz is producing Macbeth this year in London for 3 weeks, and we will be there for that audience who is seeking something alive and limitless.

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