Asking for money is horrible.

Like, really REALLY horrible.

Especially when we have received support and funding from the Arts Council and so many have had their funding dramatically reduced, or (even worse) cut. Companies that we’ve looked up to and emulated; companies that push the creative boundaries of the arts.

But funding doesn’t immediately greenlight a project. The Arts Council don’t just give you all the money you need and wave you off to make the piece you’ve been dreaming about, and rightfully so. Instead, they ensure you work for the support and make every penny count (and it really does count). The lack of an ‘easy ride’ guarantees a level of commitment and passion which can inspire creativity and in having to match your funding to a certain extent, you make a pledge to both the Arts Council and yourself that you will work above and beyond to make work that’s deserving. The industry as a whole is reliant on the support of individuals at all levels, and however horrible it is, we should all not shy away from at least asking. And asking with a confidence that mirrors that we have in our work.

The Arts is one of the most truly successful areas of the UK economy. A study by Arts and Business has demonstrated that for every pound that’s spent on culture more than two pounds is returned as Gross Added Value and yet we see funding significantly reduced across the industry. So, for every pound, it magically becomes two, and considering how we make our pounds work in our budget (I’m a stickler, I promise), I’d bet we could make it reach even further. A sort of jack and the beanstalk effect.

Our budget is made up of small pockets of money that we’ve pitched for, sold, bargained with and forecast. From selling advertising space, to high profile donors, providing workshops for schools and many other bits and bobs. PROPHESY is going ahead regardless as the bare bones have just enough meat on them to see us through, and we pride ourselves on paying our actors and our crew a living wage, supporting the industry as a whole and ensuring our team are in a position to give us their all. Most importantly we can make sure we surround PROPHESY with the best team possible. But it is the smaller niggly things that we need help with to safeguard the success through the next few months.

So however horrible this is, and however much I’m sort of mumbling, and apologising for asking, and wringing my hands and fidgeting a bit, and totally aware that times are tough, and Januarys are rubbish, and why would we possibly deserve your kindness when there are a million more deserving causes, and we have been lucky enough to receive funding what could we possibly want more for, I’m wondering if you’d be so kind, to perhaps consider, maybe, a little bit, giving us a few pounds that we can magic into more, for all the hidden but essential little bits that make a production what it is, the seemingly incidental but utterly crucial elements that allow us to achieve great things.

Because we believe PROPHESY is worth it.

We’d be so very grateful if you’d think about it and check this out here. Or if you think you know of someone who would be interested in our work, or something we could do in return of support. We are even happier if we get to give something back in return, it makes every pound that more special. There’s pretty much nothing we wouldn’t consider and all ideas will be gratefully received. We have 9 days left, and we really are so close.

I’m red-faced now, so will leave you to your day. Thank you.

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